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Details of Teaching Staff

Sr No Name of Teacher Designation Qualification Date of Joining
1 Dr. Rupli A. Shah I/C Principal  M.Com., Ph. D. 18-10-2016
2 Dr. Kanjibhai M. Katariya Lecturer in History M.A.,B.Ed.,M.Phil., Ph.D. 13-07-1992
3 Mr. Ashokbhai N. Chitroda Lecturer in Statistics M.Com., B.Ed. 13-07-1992
4 Mr. Kiritsinhji J. Vansadiya Lecturer in Ph. Education M.P.E., N.I.S. 13-07-1992
5 Mr. Chandrakant N. Patel Lecturer in Economics M.A. 14-07-1992
6 Mrs. Manishaben R. Shukla Lecturer in English M.A. 19-11-1992
7 Mrs. Minaxiben G. Thakore Lecturer in Economics M.A., M.Phil. 13-12-1993
8 Dr. Bharatkumar G. Vashi Lecturer in Accountancy M.Com., Ph.D. 13-12-1993
9 Mr. Bakulchandra M. Dhodi Lecturer in Gujarati M.A. 13-12-1993
10 Mrs. Bhavishaben M. Patel Lecturer in Accountancy M.Com. 13-12-1993
11 Mr. Rakesh R. Bajpai Lecturer in Banking M.Com. 01-08-1995
12 Ms. Hansaben G. Bathwar Lecturer in Economics M.A., B.Ed.,M.Phil. 03-07-1995
13 Mr. Mehulkumar K. Dave Lecturer in Gujarati M.A. 10-07-1998
14 Mrs. Urvashiben I. Dave Lecturer in Gujarati M.A., M.Phil. 10-07-1998
15 Dr. Ashokkumar L. Patel Lecturer in Sanskrit M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil.,Ph.D. 30-09-2009
16 Mr. Hemantbhai M. Desai Lecturer in Mercantile Law [Part-time ] LL.M. 16-02-1995
17 Mrs. Shobhnaben R. Prajapati Lecturer in Commerce B.Com, M.Com, GSET 07-12-2015
18 Mrs. Sonalben P. Jariwala Lecturer in Accountancy B.Com,M.Com, GSET 15-06-2016
19 Mr. Pankajkumar D. Parmar Lecturer in Sanskrit B.Com, M.Sc, NET 15-06-2016
20 Prof. Vaishika Kadiya Lecturer in Economics M. Com 16-06-2016


Details of Librarian

Sr No Name Designation Qualification Date of Joining
1 Mr. Prashantkumar G. Joshi Librarian B.Sc., M. Lib., M.P.A 17-07-1992

Details of Administrative and Support Staff

Sr No Name Designation Qualification Date of Joining
1 Mr. Sanjaykumar S. Patel Office Superintendent B.Com., L.L.B.-1, PGDTM 01-08-1992
2 Mr. Dineshchandra M. Sarang Accountant B.Com, M.Com, PGDTM 01-08-1992
3 Mr. Maheshkumar B. Parmar Senior Clerk B.Com 16-08-1995
4 Mr. Dhansukhbhai R. Patel Senior Clerk B.Com 16-08-1995
5 Mr. Kirankumar M. Pathak Junior Clerk 12 Pass 02-09-1998 OR 11-10-2012
6 Mr. Sureshbhai T. Gavde Peon 9 Pass 01-09-1992
7 Mr. Manubhai D. Patel Peon 7 Pass 20-06-1998
8 Mr. Rajendrabhai A. Rathod Peon 4 Pass 20-06-1998
9 Mr. Umeshbhai B. Kedariya Watchman 7 Pass 02-09-1998

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